Welcome to Missoula Massage and Body Care Clinic, Missoula’s premier massage therapy company.  Discover our urban oasis of health, wellness and relaxation centrally located in Missoula Montana, on Russell Street.  Missoula Massage and Body Care Clinic is here for you,  Come in, sit back and unwind.  Let Michelle and the expert therapists pamper you for an hour.  We are committed to creating an exceptional five – star experience that leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.  At Missoula Massage and Body Care Clinic your concerns, ailments and questions will be heard with an open heart and mind.  Relax and de-stress with Michelle and let your body begin it’s own journey of healing and resting.


Meet Michelle, Owner and Operator of Missoula Massage Body and Care Clinic. Michelle has owned Missoula Massage for over 12 years and brings a level of experience, professionalism and excitement that is refreshing and enjoyable.  Michelle specializes in full body massage, deep tissues, hot stone, body waxing and pre-natal massage.  Schedule your massage today with Michelle,  life is too short to waste hurting.