Hello, and welcome to Missoula Massage.  Before I became a Massage Therapist I was in the restaurant / food industry for almost 20 years.  Talk about hard work!  I was having a lot of pain and I just didn’t feel well.  I was full of numbness, fatigue, short term memory loss and headaches that turned into migraines consistently.  Overall I was in poor health, exhausted and miserable.

After almost 6 years of trying everything that was suggested by multiple doctors I was desperate for a release.  It took one visit to a Reflexologist to determine I was overworking, had nerve impairment, chronic tight muscles, poor circulation.  Poor circulation directly resulted in no oxygenation to my tissues and nervous system wasn’t getting the minerals they needed to function properly.  Overall I was in bad shape.

I immediately started a wellness plan.  Eventually changed careers and now, 14 years later, life is amazing.  I feel strong and vibrant.  Changing career paths was the best decision in my life.  I absolutely love my profession and what it has meant to me.  I enjoy helping people heal themselves everyday.  I want to make all my clients have the best hour of their day while they are in my office!




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